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Daytime Interview with Freddie Smith; Kate Mansi’s K20 Birthday Benefit


Tell us about what’s going on with Sonny.
A lot more drama, as usual. Will and Sonny are getting closer in their relationship, but they’re dealing with so many family problems that it’s going to kind of get in the way. That really consumes most of our relationship. His business is doing well. T comes back and starts working for Sonny. I don’t know if that stuff’s been airing yet. That’s great, so we’ve mended our relationship. So mostly Will and Sonny are just tearing it up as a power couple. 

We’re getting a new Will. Tell us about that.
It’s been great. It’s kind of bittersweet because I love Chandler so much. He’s a phenomenal actor and we’ve had two years of chemistry together. Now there’s somebody else new, and we have to continue this storyline that’s been going so well. We have to keep it going. It was sad that his contract ended three months early. It was just a weird situation in general. There’s a lot of emotions there. 

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So, this happened..

So, this happened..